12th July 2017

Redesigning aged care

Project Scope

Aged care reform is driving the system towards a market oriented approach where service providers need to be attuned to marketplace need whilst ensuring business imperatives are attended to. The marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive as funding models shift, new providers enter the market and consumers expect more choice. Foresight Lane was engaged by Wimmera Health Care Group (WHCG) to develop an aged care strategy that ensures the service remains financially viable and responsive to consumer needs and desires. Given the scale of change taking place in the sector, it was anticipated there would be a significant shift in the existing business and service model. Foresight Lane developed and modelled three different scenarios for the consideration of the Board. This included options regarding the model of care.

The strategy has enabled WHCG to implement a major overhaul of its aged care business and attract government funding for the improvement of infrastructure and equipment. The strategy highlighted the areas where WHCG could reconfigure the business and service model (including bed numbers/use) to enhance viability and better serve market need.

The process included research with residents, family members and prospective residents. This provided WHCG with a sound understanding of the things that mattered most to residents and prospective customers. These insights informed the service redesign enhancing the experience of residents, families and staff. Staff were supported through a service redesign process and have subsequently introduced a model of care that focusses on; having a named nurse as a primary contact, early identification of emerging health issues, safety, strong relationships and communication with residents and families, more seamless care provision across the specialities, and providing quality experiences for residents.

Transforming aged care