About Us

At Foresight Lane, we especially love working with the bold and inspired people and organisations that are building new models and approaches in education, health, community and enterprise sectors. We know that more enriching and productive approaches can be designed and introduced when we awaken, connect and capitalise on the creativity and resourcefulness that exists in our organisations and communities.  

We all sense that the world is shifting in a host of interesting, surprising and important ways. This is altering the drivers of performance, profitability and long term viability. Foresight Lane appreciates that organisations are under pressure to build new pathways to future success whilst also keeping a steady hand on the day to day fundamentals. 

Our service offerings are grounded in robust methodologies that enable us to bring strategic rigour to our work at the same time as infusing it with creativity and inventiveness.

This expertise leaves us uniquely positioned to draw out your change making capabilities, so that you can create the new models and practices that carry you towards a prosperous future.

Founded in 2012, Foresight Lane supports people and organisations to understand and adapt to changes in their strategic environment so that they face the future with renewed purpose and confidence. 

Kieran Murrihy

Founder and Futurist

Kieran has led transformative initiatives across the health, education and community sectors. Skilled at strategy and innovation, Kieran enjoys helping organisations adopt enterprising approaches to deliver on their purpose and mission.

As an award winning futurist Kieran continues to source the latest knowledge on how communities and organisations can respond to change in their operating environments. He appreciates outcomes can be enhanced by capitalising on existing strengths and identifying where conventional approaches no longer serve the needs of people, providers and funders. 

With extensive experience working with communities and all tiers of government, Kieran is at the forefront of trialling new methods for engaging communities as co-designers and co-producers of new models and services. Kieran is skilled at leading multi stakeholder collaborations and assessing the most effective way to achieve positive and sustainable change in complex settings.


Sherry De Leon

Service Designer

A social change catalyst, Sherry creates positive impact and improvements in the lives of people through sustainable design solutions. Her passion lies in the discovery of motivations and aspirations of people and harnessing these insights to develop design solutions that are centred around their needs and wants.

As a human-centred service designer, Sherry has led and developed meaningful projects that improved patients’ experiences in Melbourne hospitals, produced public awareness materials and educational toolkits for conservation programs in Victorian Zoos and developed a workplace stressor diagnostic toolkit for Victoria Legal Aid Lawyers.

She uses her skills in strategy, creativity and empathy in design research and managing design sprints to inspire and expand organisations’ ambitions to create valuable solutions that will create sustainable changes in people’s lives.

David McGinniss

Senior Consultant

David has extensive experience working in the community sector and across all levels of government. With deep experience in public administration, David has built an applied knowledge of many key program and policy areas, including social services, health, education, homelessness, community sector development, migration support, and community governance.

David has a deep understanding of how government policy interacts with program implementation and how this affects organisations, communities and individuals. He holds an UNESCO-aligned Historic Urban Landscape Scholarship and is completing a PhD at Federation University Australia.