Our Services


In rapidly changing environments, organisations need to read the play, respond to the pressures of the present and incorporate more ambitious and far sighted activities that build future viability and prosperity. Our strategy process helps you move towards clarity and action by; enhancing your understanding of the strategic context, clarifying your unique market positioning, establishing your vision for the future and determining the activity required to bring that vision to life.


Innovation involves doing things differently to create value for your organisation and stakeholders. It is a key driver of profitability and productivity and pivotal in transforming systems and practices. We can work with you to introduce innovation programs that tap into the wisdom, creativity and resourcefulness of your staff and partners. Importantly, our programs are targeted so that you innovate around the things that matter most.

Our iLabs enable you to move quickly into making and doing. Participants are guided through an accelerated innovation process that enables them to discover new insights, generate ideas and convert promising ideas into viable opportunities. We’ll also help you build the legacy systems and capacities required to innovate consistently and effectively.


There comes a time when service models and system settings no longer serve the needs of people, providers and funders. Co-design processes are best used when there is an appetite for change and collaboration is critical to the design of more effective models. Foresight Lane employs co-design tools and processes so that participants are better able to understand the requirements of various stakeholders in the system and develop, test and trial new approaches.

Futures Keynotes and Workshops

Foresight Lane delivers thought provoking and lively futures keynotes and workshops. We’ll show you the grand patterns of change disrupting and transforming organisations, sectors and communities. Participants explore the impacts of these changes and learn how to spot opportunities for capitalising on shifts in their strategic environment.