12th July 2017

Co-design to reduce youth offending


In March 2017 the Department of Justice and Regulation (DoJR) announced funding for community-led initiatives that address offending behaviour and recidivism by young people aged 10-24 years who have had, or are at risk of, contact with the criminal justice system. Foresight Lane worked with service providers, government departments and a broad cross section of stakeholders to create a new model that aims to divert young people from the youth justice system.

An accelerated design process enabled Foresight Lane to map existing services and collaboratively design new mechanisms for connecting young people and their families to support as part of a new multi-agency model. The two year project will enable young people to shape the service model by providing feedback at critical points in the service journey. A $750,000 project has received in principle support from key stakeholders. The model will make it easier for at risk young people to receive the support they need earlier in the process, thereby reducing the likelihood they will enter the youth justice system. The model addresses known risk factors and draws on best practice examples from around the globe. 

Transforming Services