12th July 2017

Innovation in Health

Project Scope

Fourteen Health Services from across the Loddon Mallee region had gathered prior to our engagement to explore how the delivery of health might change over the next decade. Although there was an appetite for change, there was no clear mechanism for advancing future focussed priorities. Foresight Lane was engaged to run an accelerated innovation process that would enable the Health Services to trial a series of local innovations.

People from across the region formed into teams and were guided through a process of discovery, idea generation and prototype development. Team members came from a broad variety of backgrounds, including consumers and generated over 200 ideas for positive change. From those, teams selected the ideas that had the potential to create significant value for consumers, staff, providers and funders. Over four weeks, teams shaped their ideas, testing them with colleagues and drawing on examples of innovation from across the globe.

Participants created four start smart experiments for further design and testing locally.

  • My Health Mate: a community based response to chronic disease management (this experiment led to a $600,000 funding proposal)
  • Healthy Selfies: to increase health literacy in young people
  • Finally Family Friendly: a model for working more flexibly in both clinical and non-clinical roles
  • Key Questions: designed to increase real time feedback within Health Services to improve patient experience.

Participants built their innovation capacities and learnt how to build compelling and resourceful innovation experiments. The project has enabled the region to establish new platforms for health service collaboration and innovation.

Transforming rural health delivery